Residential Tips

Residential Tips

Should You Have A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home?

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, then you may have considered partnering with a licensed real estate agent. You’re not among the few, considering 88 percent of homebuyers enlist the assistance of an Apopka Realtor. Most builders and buyers find it the best decision to deal with a real estate agent to make the process easier. In fact, it’s typically expected that a buyer have an agent before the purchase of any home.

Purchasing A New Home

Buyers who are looking to make a purchase on newly constructed homes may feel like enlisting a Realtor is unnecessary. New home project sales people are a great resource to help anyone understand the project. However, your Realtor will be able to help you find the best deal whether it is a resale or newly constructed. The builder’s sales person represents the builder’s best interests not the buyer’s! Anyone new to the real estate realm can easily be overwhelmed with options and pricing. Your Realtor will be able to represent you and negotiate with any builder to develop your dream home at a reasonable price.

Let an experienced professional advise you where to look for your new home. They are able to help you find the house you envisioned, while keeping you in price range!

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Residential Tips

The Nanny Check

Your children are the most precious and important people in your life. You treasure them more than life itself. So, when it’s time to hire a nanny or babysitter, how do you decide who will protect your child as much as you do? Access Investigative Services has the answers.  Vetting your child’s nanny is one of our specialties.

We’ve all heard horror stories about children found wandering the streets unattended because the babysitter fell asleep.  Or, kids were harmed or neglected by a nanny.   A background check of your nanny is not overreacting. It’s being safe.

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Residential Tips

Why Should I Get A Home Security System?

A security system is essential and put in place for carefully designated areas of the home that serve as entry points for intruders. Home security systems are made up of various electronic devices that work together in an integrated manner, so that a central control panel is the point of securing the home (with a code, voice password etc.).


There are a number of elements to home security systems, depending on the layout of the home, size, quality of the system and type of security method used. Generally, most systems will have the control panel as the central control mechanism, there is usually also door and window sensors, or motion sensors internal and externally in the home. Some systems also have cameras that are wired or unwired. Alarms are the main point of reference for a security system, which is usually a high decibel sound as the alert signal.


Research reveals that homes that opt for no security system are more than twice as likely to be targets for robberies. As homes without systems are targeted first by opportunistic burglars, to show that a system is in place, many people choose to advertise the fact by placing window stickers and signs on the exterior in the home so as to discourage possible threats.


With the growing technology in this field, people are now able to remotely manage their house from anywhere in the world with web-accessible devices, enabling them to arm and disarm the system at any time. This allows a monitoring of the home and to have peace of mind when away on work or leisure trips. Another lesser-known advantage is that insurance companies actually offer discounts on covers when you have a security system in place in your home.

Construction & Renovation

Checklist: Hiring a Roofing Contractor

If you have a reason to hire a roofing contractor you need to ensure that you know exactly why you are hiring them before you start looking. Do you want your entire roof replaced, do you need some leaks fixed, or are you calling due to storm damage?

* Define the Project

Make a list of the needs of the project to include a list of all materials needed, the type of roofing you want to use, and whether it’s a complete replacement or if leaks need to be fixed. Even if it’s a replacement and you have leaks be sure to mention that so you can be assured all leaks are taken care of properly.

* Call Your Insurance Agent

If you need your roof fixed due to storm damage you need to first make a claim with your insurance agent. They will more than likely have a list of approved contractors and will send someone out to evaluate your claim and give you a number about what they’ll pay to fix it and what your deductible is. They’ll usually have more than one contractor that you can choose from. If they do, follow all the steps before to choose which contractor to use.

* Ask Your Friends & Family For Referrals

If this is not an insurance claim you can ask your family and friends for referrals. Most of the time a family or friend will have had roofing work done and know who to call. They’ll know whether or not they were satisfied with the work done. They can tell you whether they got done on time and within the bidding budget too. This can give you a good list of roofing contractors to call.

* Check The Facts

When you have a good list, check up on them to ensure that they do have licensing, certifications and insurance that they’re supposed to have in order to do the work of a roofing contractor. You should be able to find websites with information about each of the referrals. You can also call them and ask for license numbers and other information before you arrange an interview.

* Invite Contractors to Bid

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices you can invite two or three different contractors to bid on your project. Tell them you want very detailed bidding to detail what exactly is covered in the bid and what is not covered in the bid. You also want a timeline of events to be mentioned in the bid. That way you can know how long this is going to take and how to prepare.

* Evaluate the Bids

Look at each bid and pick at least two that you like. Don’t necessarily pick the lowest bid, pick the bid that covers the most work, and has the best timelines and the best detail and is the most professional. After you pick at least two bids you can move on to the interviewing process.

* Interview the Winning Bids

Now it’s time to actually sit down and talk to each of the winning bids. You need to know what type of laborers they use. You need to find out if they are bonded and insured for this type of job. You need to ask how many times they’ve doing a roof like yours. Try to ask each winning bid the same questions so that your judgments are fair. Ask them when they can start or if they can start on your timeline.

Now you can choose the winner to start your roofing project. Check all references, and ensure that all their licenses and insurance are up to date. Since you’ve done your due diligence it’s likely you’ll have a good experience with your roofing project.

Residential Tips

Polishing Your Stone Is Important And Easy

San Diego Marble PolishThe look of your home should be something you’re delighted with. And you may favor particular sections of your home above the others. Justly so, stone surfaces such as marble and limestone make the list of people’s top elements within their home or commercial location. These surfaces add an additional gorgeous piece to the overall appearance, especially when they’re cleaned and polished for excellence.


However, over time our hectic lives can get in the way of steady cleaning or vigilant care for our marble. Your marble may amass stains, etches, spots, discoloring, or modest dullness. Life happens and that’s nothing to be troubled about when you can repair it.


Polishing your stone can eliminate trivial imperfections from the surfaces and leave your marble or limestone looking brand new. Along with to appearance, you’ll simply maintain your stone’s durability and won’t have to deal with long-term breakage or stains. The benefits of polishing your stone seem obvious, but what can hold people back is the intimidating task of actually fixing their stone. But actually it’s rather simple and there is more than one option to the solution.


Hire a professional.


This is perhaps the simplest and most convenient option, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Marblelife in San Diego is a notable company to employ if you’re looking for experience and quality. Marblelife is the foremost stone care company in San Diego with over 15 years of experience servicing thousands of homes and commercial locations.


This team of competent and knowledgeable craftsmen can visit your home, polish out any major or minor scratches or stains to restore your marble’s look and have it looking flawless in no time. Their services can provide you an in-depth cleaning, professional polish, stone sealing, scratch and stain repair, and color and shine restoration. And their job isn’t done until you are satisfied.


Or do it yourself.


On the contrary end of your stone polishing options, you may want to do the job yourself. Marblelife also provides a collection of stone care products that are inexpensive and easy to use. Products like Marblelife’s “Marble Polish” give you, essentially, a “serviceman in a bottle.” However, you shouldn’t challenge yourself to take care of large projects with only these tools. Hiring a professional is your best option for hefty cracks, scratches, or stains.


Many people choose to purchase these useful products nevertheless, even if they employ polishing service. This is since you’ll want to upkeep your stone surface’s look once you see how amazing it can look. Or many will choose to purchase a continuous maintenance plan for a greater outcome.


It is massively important to care for your stone to keep your space looking lovely and to save you from a financial burden in the long-term. For all your marble polishing or marble cleaning essentials, Marblelife is the acclaimed company for stone care servicing or products. You can contact Marblelife in San Diego for your free estimate at (888) 218-4616. In addition, you can view Marblelife’s complete line of products on their website at Your stone will soon be looking perfect!


Residential Tips

The Best Marble Repair Servicing in Los Angeles

Marble Restoration Services LAWhen it comes to keeping your house looking the best it could possibly be, you just can’t ignore your marble. You might have a home that has a small marble countertop, or you might have marble floors, and marble countertops, and marble everything. No matter the quantity, there is definitely a science that goes into maintaining your marble’s color, shine, and overall perfection.


Even though we are sure to take delicate care of our marble products, there is always a possibility of chipping, staining, and inevitable breakdown. And when that happens, we probably start to consider and weigh our options. On the one hand, you could simply leave the marble and let it chip away, lose its color, and hope nobody notices. Or you could hire an experienced professional to really transform your marble with the guarantee of a completely satisfactory outcome.


MARBLELIFE can provide you that guarantee as the leading stone care company in Los Angeles and the nation. Whether your marble needs just a small touch-up or a radical transformation, MARBLELIFE’s team of professionals can get the job done with extreme quality and care.


Before you rush to the phone to call for your free consultation, let’s take a quick look at the services you’ll want to request.


Marble Restoration


If your marble has lost it’s shine, color, or overall appeal, marble restoration is the way to go. MARBLELIFE provides marble restoration services across the city of Los Angeles—polishing and restoring more marble than anyone else in the industry.


When you call a trained professional to your home or business, they will first assess the stone’s condition with extreme detail and then suggest the best restoration approach. With MARBLELIFE’s variety of safe cleaners and tools, your marble will be looking brand new in no time. Give your marble its color, shine, and life back!


Marble Repair


Ok, that sounds great. But maybe your marble is looking as fine as ever and doesn’t need to be cleaned or restored. The only thing bothering you is a chip in your marble tile. That’s where the MARBLELIFE’s Los Angeles Marble Repair comes in.


Replacing your entire tile can be difficult and pricey. How many people have an extra tile lying around? And even if you ordered the exact same tile from the same company, the coloring can still be off. MARBLELIFE’s professionals are trained to repair your marble, install anything new, and then polish it to match the rest of your marble. Much less of a hassle, and probably cheaper! And it’s not only for tile; they can take care of any of your marble repair needs.


With over 50 locations to choose from, more than 100 trained craftsmen, and centuries of combined experience, you are sure to be satisfied with the status of your home after your marble is serviced. Have your home marble shine bright like the stars of Hollywood.


For the best marble restoration and marble repair company in Los Angeles be sure to call MARBLELIFE at (888) 218-4616.



Cleaning Tips

How to Condition Your Granite

Regularly used for countertops, granite is a beautiful natural stone. Its surface is durable and can resist scratches, burns and stains. To keep the finish of your granite countertops beautiful, only use quality cleaning products such as Marblelife Granite & Quartz Countertop Cleaner. When you properly maintain your granite surfaces they will not need to be polished or conditioned.


Polishing granite is not the same as other household polishing. It is difficult and should always be done by a skilled technician. Granite polishing uses hard abrasives and friction with varying coarseness, and heat in varying degrees. When a granite finish is dull and appears to need polishing the surface often just has a residue. Many everyday products such as dish soaps, oils, and common cleaning products can cause residues.


Granite surfaces are porous. They have small pits and pockets. These indentations can be filled with foods, oils, and bacteria, causing a flat looking finish. If left in the surface, this stuff can become rotten and omit a bad smell. This can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning your countertops with the right


products. The correct cleaning products to use are high quality ones made specifically for granite surfaces, such as Marblelife Granite and Quartz Countertop Cleaner. Cleaning products not specifically made for granite surfaces can leave a residue, or damage the surface. Some products to never use include dish soap, alcohol, vinegar, common cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, and water. Always maintain your granite finish by cleaning with products that are made only for granite surfaces such as a Marblelife cleaning products. There are a few basic steps to clean your granite surfaces. Simply spray the surface with a granite cleaner, wipe up and buff using a microfiber towel. Buffing is important to get up anything left on the surface.


Stains take a little extra work. As usual spray, wipe and buff the area. Re-spray the stain and let set for ten minutes. After ten minutes, use a tooth brush and scrub the surface, then buff dry with your microfiber towel. You can do another basic spray, wipe and buff to remove any residue that may have been left. Some foods are likely to stain your granite surfaces. These can include ketchup, mustard, red sports drinks, red wines, coffee, and barbecue sauces.


After cleaning it’s time to apply the gloss conditioner. A high quality product made just for granite is Marblelife Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner. This is an effective product that has no odor, and is safe to use. Using a gloss conditioner can make your granite surfaces seem wetter and bring out the natural colors of the granite. Unfortunately some granite is too thick, and a gloss conditioner won’t work. To find out if your granite countertops will take a gloss conditioner, apply the product. If you can see a difference, then a gloss conditioner will work for you. To maintain the beauty and richness of your granite countertops it is important to use only premium cleaning and conditioning products, such ones made by Marblelife.


To locate a stone care professional, contact Marblelife Of Los Angeles at 888-218-4616 or visit for more information.

Residential Tips

When To Use A Professional Stone Craftsmen

If you your surface appears dull and rough, stained, chipped or damaged it is time to hire a profession stone craftsmen.  In fact, if you are at the point where you are searching for a cleaner that will work because nothing else is working , stop and call a stone restoration company.  9 times out of 10 the problem is either due to a worn surface that is holding dirt, casting micro shadows, and cannot reflect light true, or a build-up of wax from the use of an improper cleaner.

Don’t feel bad, we clean up after janitorial companies and hotel staffs everyday for the same reasons.  What works on one surface will not necessarily work on another.  A ceramic tile is impervious to acids (thought its grout is not), but a marble surface will lose it shines once cleaned with acids which can dissolve marble quickly (just place a fresh cut lemon wedge on a piece of marble for a few hours and you will see a perfect imprint in the stone that you cannot “wipe or clean” away.)

A rough surface means damage and wear, which requires a professional who understands how to grind, hone, polish, seal and feather a repair into the balance of the floor.  The good news is there is virtually nothing you can do to a stone that a certified stone craftsman cannot repair.

On the flip side, a properly maintained floor won’t require the attention of a marble craftsman for 5 to 7 years of normal household wear and tear, and even longer if maintained using the appropriate surface safe products routinely.

Keep in mind, just because someone says their product is safe, does not mean it is, just that they did not see an effect over the period tested.

Remember to not only chose the right floor and counter-top restoration company, make sure you are using the right stone cleaners from the beginning.

Residential Tips

Proper Care Of You Marble Floor Surfaces

Caring For Your Marble Floor Surfaces

Marble is a beautiful natural surface that comes in many different colors. It is best identified by its veins that can be seen throughout the stone. It typically has a more flowing look to it, almost as though you can see the layers of sediment building up over the years.


Caution: Marble is largely made of calcium carbonate like that in an anti-acid. Acid will eat the calcium out of the marble causing a damaged spot called an etch. A few items that contain acid include coffee, sodas, most fruit juices, wine, vinegar, pickle juice, limes, lemons, oranges, many sauces, room fresheners, perfumes, glass cleaners and many cleaning products actually contain acids as well.


An etch can look like a dull spot, or the surface may have a slight uniform etch to it, where the entire surface has a dull or warn look. Adding a little vinegar to mop water is a frequent cause of this.


Most people are not aware that chips and cracks can be repaired such that they blend into the background. A professional stone restoration craftsman is needed to insure that finished repair is smooth and blends with the stone, but more importantly to ascertain the root cause, so that it can be addressed to halt the appearance of more.


So What Is The Order of Care


When caring for natural stone such as Marble there is an order to things which helps to assure the best care possible based on the stones longevity and appearance. This order is:


1) First – Clean your Marble regularly using the a quality marble cleaner. Take steps to protect your marble from things that contain acids, such as soda, fruit and fruit juices, coffee, tea and wine. Dust and sweep to prevent grinding medium such as dust, dirt, and sand from collecting on the floor where it can be ground underfoot to create wear marks and scratches. Keep in mind just because a cleaner says it is a cleaner does not make it effective. Glass cleaners leave waxes behind. Acid cleaners and vinegar dull the stone as they dissolve the surface, and many cleaners are little more than water. We recommend MARBLELIFE Marble & Travertine Cleaner, as it has been engineered over 25 years to safely remove dirt and oil from your surface without streaking or leaving build-up. If your floors are sticky you have the wrong cleaner.


2) Second – Repair your Marble promptly. If you have etches, stains or cracks you have a problem. As with anything failure to address the problem can result in it getting worse. Scratches beget deeper scratches. The deeper the damage the more grinding is required to repair the floor and the more expensive the repair. A grain of sand will roll across the floor until it encounters a scratch at which point it travels down the scratch digging it deeper.


3) Third – Seal your Marble to help protect against stains and to help make cleaning easier. Stains scream that the floor is not sealed, and therefore open to further staining. There is no guarantee a stain can be removed, and if it can it is often a multi-step process to do so making it frustrating and expensive. Much easier and less expensive to insure your stone is sealed every couple of years.


4) Lastly – Conditioning to help bring out your Marble’s best appearance if needed and as desired. The fact is a well restored floor needs no conditioning as it already has the desired appearance. If you find you are looking for something to enhance the appearance of your floor, better to contact a stone craftsman to address the deficiency than to begin applying products to alter its appearance. These tend to be short-term adjustments and may result in longterm issues.


The intervals of these activities can vary greatly based on your marble’s environment. Is your Marble indoors or outdoors? Does it get high traffic or very little use? With this said here are some general guidelines. Consult a professional stone craftsman to get specific recommendations for your property and surfaces:

1) Cleaning should be done regularly between daily (hotel) to weekly.

2) Repairs should be done as needed and a promptly as possible. Just as you have an AC guy, and a vet for your pets, you want to have a craftsman for you stone that you are comfortable working with.

3) Sealing should be done regularly, typically every two years, however if your surface has been cleaned with an acidic cleaner it can damage your seal and shorten your re-seal time.

4) The need to condition should be considered the need to contact a craftsman to discuss either your changing finish preference, or the need to restore the floor to the condition you are seeking. Your stone can be adjusted to provide a matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish as desired.

Again these are very general intervals to help give some frame of reference.