De-Cluttering: 2 Tips To Get Yourself Started

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De-Cluttering: 2 Tips To Get Yourself Started

Whether it’s time for the yearly spring clean, or perhaps you have just had enough of the growing accumulation of stuff, de-cluttering the home can be a refreshing, yet oftentimes, overwhelming process. Taking hours, days and sometimes even longer, it can be discouraging, and downright frustrating, to find ourselves mid-way through with an even greater mess, and more confusion than we started with. Offered here are the top two tips to get you started in the de-cluttering (and de-stressing) process, to ensure that it is done most efficiently, effectively and maybe even pleasantly.


Get Motivated

Becoming clear on your reason for de-cluttering spaces in your home will make the entire process more effective in having a clear motivation for why you want to do this. It not only takes some of the obligatory feel away, but also gives you a reason to stay on track and inspired to clear the space and get rid of unwanted goods. Even better is having a time frame for when it needs to be done (e.g a friend coming to stay in the spare bedroom that is currently another ‘storage’ space). If there is no obvious time frame, then why not set one for yourself to stick to.


Question Yourself

One of the main reasons we find ourselves amid cluttered spaces are that we have trouble letting things go, thinking that one day we perhaps may need this thing that we completely forgot we owned. We need to be vigilant with ourselves in really questioning whether it is vital for us to keep these objects. Two things to ask yourself are: ‘How long since I last used it?’ and ‘Will I use this in the more foreseeable future?’ If the answer is no, or even a hesitation, then get rid of it. Give it to a friend or a charity, and remind yourself that it is not doing anyone any good sitting collecting dust, where otherwise it could be utilized right now by someone who actually wants/needs it.


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