Home Improvements for Under $5k

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Home Improvements for Under $5k

Looking to improve your home’s aesthetic, function and overall ambience? There’s plenty you can do to create more value and greater quality of life in your space. Remodeling can be an exciting and expensive process, and for those on a tighter budget, it can seem daunting and discouraging without the know-how of recreating spaces in an affordable way. Here’s some ideas to get you started, all being under $5000.


Aim high: It can often be a neglected part of the home, so ceilings are usually overlooked in a remodel plan. There is much added value to putting some energy into jazzing up your ceiling and you can do so by changing the texture, adding beams, painting, or extra lighting options.


Light it up: Speaking of lighting – this is one of the main factors for anyone looking to buy a home. Additionally, for those looking to create a more comfortable environment for their own home, the transformation that the right lighting can give is monumental. Think standing lights, new ceiling fixtures, lamps and dimming options. Spend time speaking to a specialist in store if you need some guidance, as there are infinite ways to utilise light.


Store more: Adding DIY or custom shelving systems can be a great feature in any room. Make it a stand out design feature will floor to ceiling bookcases, or opt for the hidden and function storage creation in closed spaces like closets, sheds and garages.


Go green for first impressions: Landscaping designs can be one of the greatest values added to any home, with curb appeal being a very big draw for anyone assessing the feel of a home. Hire a professional to create a design for your yard, or explore the range of trees, flowers and features to add yourself. Replace the lawn, use interesting textures, water features, paths, colours and a variety of green to maximise the effect.


Fix Your Roof: Another improvement that you can undertake to increase the value in your home and have it look its best, is fixing or even replacing your roof. Fixing your roof could fit your $5k budget and have a greater return value! So consider looking for a local roofing contractor to help you.