Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

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Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

Spotting leaks in your plumbing systems can sometimes be a difficult process, as it isn’t always as simple as following the sounds of dripping or noticing watermarks on floors and walls. In more complex systems such as water heaters, it is necessary to routinely check the system for any signs of leakage, as a faulty value can cause an increase in pressure, which could ultimately lead to an explosion.


If your water heater is showing signs of leaking, and you wish to isolate the problem to determine whether it is a health risk and where the problem is stemming from, you can determine the cause. One of the causes of a temperature and pressure relief value leak include the thermostat being set too high, or being faulty, which causes the temperature inside the heater to rise too high. Another issue could be that the water-heating tank gained excess pressure in the system through being drained entirely of water and re-heating. If there is any dirt stuck in the value, this can result in a leak from the valve in being unable to drain effectively, and pressure building in the area.


It is important to consider where your leakage may be coming from so as to best decide on the action to take. It is advised to take extreme care when dealing with the system, turning off the entire heater for a time before looking at the individual parts. It is always best when dealing with issues in plumbing systems to consult a professional and allow experienced and knowledgeable hands to assess and repair any issues. This is especially the case when dealing with systems that run a risk of danger, such as the hot water heating system.


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